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Governor Vows To Ban All Guns Sales To Americans On Government Watch Lists!


Governer Bans Gun Sales

The gun control madness is getting worse by the day!

Today, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy vowed to sign an executive order banning ALL gun sales to any of the state’s citizens on any government watch list.

Nevermind these simple facts:

  • Gun ownership rights for American citizens is protected under the Second Amendment.
  • Constitutional rights cannot be taken from Americans without due process.
  • Simply being placed on a government watch list doesn’t prove any crime.

No, the liberals obsessed with gun control don’t care about these facts. They just see an opportunity to push their never-ending agenda to limit the gun rights of law-abiding citizens.

They are very happy to take away our rights just because some government bureaucrat decides we deserve being “watched.”

While I doubt this governor’s executive order would withstand a Supreme Court challenge, you can never be sure how this court will rule, and it could take years for a case to make it that far.

In the meantime, our friends in Connecticut are going to have their rights stolen by a man who cares more for his ideology than the Constitution.

You can read all the infuriating details here.

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