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There’s A Brand New Super Bug And It’s Resistant To ALL Antibiotics!


Super Bug

After years of dire warnings about the dangers of antibiotic-resistant superbugs developing, it looks like it’s finally happened!

Australian news website reports on the mcr-1, E. coli bacteria which is resistant to all known antibiotics.

First discovered in China several weeks ago, experts were shocked when the strain was found in Denmark this week.

To make matters worse, this ability to resist antibiotics can be spread into other bacteria – potentially making previously-treatable conditions, newly dangerous.

Lance Price, head of George Washington University’s Antibiotic Resistance Action Center, says of this ability:

“We must act swiftly to contain the spread of colistin-resistant bacteria, or we will face increasing numbers of untreatable infections,”


“History shows that these mobile resistance genes can spread around the world quickly, silently riding in people, animals, and food,”

We’ll keep our eye on this concerning story and keep you informed of any new developments!

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