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The Ten Commandments of Survival – How Many Are You Breaking?


10 Commandments Of Survival

A few years ago I read an article that I really enjoyed and the message has stayed with me since.

It’s from Backdoor Survival and is titled “The 10 Commandments of Survival.” (You can read the original article here .)

I appreciated the optimistic approach the author took towards prepping. Rather than facing our preparation with dread and depression, he advocates optimism and a positive attitude towards what we’re working to accomplish.

That was a message that resonated with me the first time I read it and continues to do so today. I hope you enjoy it too!

The Ten Commandments of Survival:

  • Have the will to live no matter what.
  • Be self-sufficient and self-reliant without wanting or needing excessive government assistance.
  • Seek knowledge as a solution to problems.
  • Adapt to the surroundings, wherever they may be.
  • Embrace decisiveness as a core value.
  • Channel fear into positive actions.
  • Defend your right to freedom and the tenets of the US Constitution.
  • Respect others and their right to privacy.
  • Pursue love and laughter on a daily basis.
  • Be authentic and real to yourself and to those around you.

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Photo by Karsten H.68 licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.