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You Won’t Believe This Billionaire’s Doomsday Bunker


Billionaire Doomsday Bunker

Maybe money can’t buy happiness but it apparently can get you a hell of a spot to ride out the end of the world.

In the Czech Republic, an ambitious real estate developer as taken over a 320,000 square foot underground, cold war bunker and is converting it into ultra-luxurious living arrangements for the world wealthiest individuals to ride out the next apocalypse.

Named “The Oppidum”, this massive facility was built during the 1980’s by the former Soviet Union as a shelter for World War 3. Even though it was never completed, Jakub Zamrazil saw an opportunity to cater to the billionaire prepper class, by converting the facility to “combine state of the art security with luxury and comfort.”

You can read more over at Zero Hedge or watch this video to get the tour.

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