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Using A Knife For Self-Defense – What You Really Need To Know!


Knife Self Defense

With the world getting crazier and more dangerous by the day, any sane person should be concerned about their safety and the protection of their loved ones.

While a firearm may be the first choice of many for personal protection, a knife could also have an important place in your self-defense strategy.

Unfortunately, most people have major misconceptions about using a knife for self-defense. Because we’ve all used knives throughout out lives, we may be fooled by their simplicity, and over-estimate our ability to effectively use one in an adrenaline-filled emergency.

While a good knife is easier (and much cheaper) to obtain than a gun, using a knife effectively as a self-defense tool can take as much (maybe more) practice as a gun.

To make the situation worse, there’s a lot of dangerous misinformation out there about knife fighting. Too many Hollywood movies and Youtube martial arts “masters” have led to ridiculous ideas of what a real knife fight may look like.

My favorite resource for realistic, no bull-crap information about self-defense is If you’re really serious about learning to use a knife for self-defense, I highly suggest you check out their information on the topic here.

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