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First 100 Preppers Get The Deal of a Lifetime – Our $50 Per Month Threat Alert Service FREE For Life!

That’s right – what the rest of the world has to pay $50 per month for, you can get FREE (if you hurry)!

Our Threat Alert Service is One-Of-A-Kind And It’s Amazing – It Gives You The Survival Edge You Need When The SHTF.

Here’s how it works…

Our TAS (Threat Alert Service) team constantly monitors hundreds of information sources (government & private – local, national & international) for any developing situations that may present a threat to our members.

When a threat is detected, our TAS team immediately notifies our members with an SMS alert message sent directly to their cell phones.

Our TAS alerts allow our members to gain an edge in emergency situations – to immediately learn about developing situations that may impact them – giving them the time and information needed to take action.

The most important advantage in an emergency is timely & accurate information.

Our TAS alerts give you that advantage!

Before it hits cable news, before the rest of the world can read about it on the Internet, our TAS members already know all about developing situations and have taken action to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Our TAS alerts are no fluff – we only alert you to important developments and then give you the who, what, when and why of the situation.

In addition to our SMS alerts, TAS members receive follow-up email alerts with more in-depth information, links to important additional information and our analysis of the situation.

Our mission is to make sure you have the vital information you need to protect yourself and your family!

We charge the general public $50 per month for our Threat Alert Service (and that’s a bargain!)…

But 100 lucky members of our Prepping community are going to get the deal of a lifetime – our Threat Alert Service FREE for life!

Our TAS team continuously monitors and alerts you to important situations, including:

  • Terror Alerts, Warnings and Advisories
  • Travel Alerts (Major Destinations)
  • Significant Embassy Warning Messages
  • U.S. Military Actions Abroad
  • Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies
  • Large-Scale Cyberattacks
  • Earthquake and Tsunami Warnings
  • Infectious Disease Outbreaks & Epidemics
  • Transnational Threats
  • Major Border Security Incidents
  • Changes in Nat’l Threat Posture
  • Airport Security Posture
  • Critical Infrastructure Disasters
  • CBRN Threats and Incidents
  • Hazardous Solar Events (flares, etc..)
  • Official Response Guidance
  • And much more…

If you’re ready to join our elite service (for FREE) then here’s what to do:

In the box below:

1. Enter your cell phone number (including area code).

2. Enter your email address.

3. Click the red “Submit” button.

4. That’s it – nothing else. You can cancel at any time (don’t know why you’d want to – but you can).

Note – will not charge you for this service, however your cell phone company’s standard text message fees will apply.