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The Sjambok – The Most Effective Self-Defense Weapon You’ve Never Heard Of!


Sjambok Most Effective Weapon

We’re always on the look-out for better self-defense options and today we’re sharing one we’re very excited about!

It’s called the Sjambok.

Originating from South Africa and traditionally made from adult hippopotamus (or rhinoceros) hide, the Sjambok is (from Wikipedia):

The sjambok had a variety of uses, with the most obvious being cattle driving. It was heavily used by the Voortrekkers driving their oxen while migrating from the Cape of Good Hope. Even today, the sjambok is used by herdsmen to drive cattle. They are widely available in South Africa from informal traders to regular stores from a variety of materials, lengths and thicknesses. They are an effective weapon to kill snakes and ward off dogs and other attackers and are still carried in public by many black South Africans for self-defense. Many South African households keep a sjambok.

Sjamboks are typically 3-5 feet in length and can inflict anything from a severe bruising to heavy lacerations. They’re lightweight and can be used by women (or even some children) in self-defense situations.

However, just explaining what a Sjambok is, doesn’t do justice to the power and versatility of this weapon. To get a true understanding of why we think you should consider adding this to your self-defense planning, here are a couple of brief videos showing the Sjambok in action:

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