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The Prepper’s Christmas Gift Guide


Preppers Christmas Gift Guide

The Prepper in your life might not be the easiest person in the world to buy a Christmas gift for.

While the average guy or gal would be happy with the latest useless gadget or an overpriced piece of clothing, we preppers have an annoying habit of being practical.

The good news is that you don’t need you to spend a lot of money to give us a gift we’ll appreciate.

The bad news is that you will have to give some extra thought to your gift if you really want to get us something we’ll cherish.

Over at Backdoor Survival they’ve got a nice list of gift ideas for the prepper you love. (They do call them “Holiday” gifts, so they’ve apparently got a little bit of political correctness going on, but it’s a really good list, so we’ll forgive them this time.)

Their gift suggestions are categorized as:

  • Gifts Under $10
  • Gifts Under $15
  • Prepping and Survival Gear
  • Just for the Fun of It
  • Survival, Prepping and Books on Self-Sufficiency

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Photo by Dineshraj Goomany licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.