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Road Trip Essentials – Here’s What You Need To Pack


Road Trip Survival

If you’re like me, you log a lot of miles (and time) in your car.

Between the daily, local jaunts running errands around town and the longer, road trips to visit distant friends and relatives, I average a couple hours per day in my vehicle.

That means there’s a reasonable chance I’ll be in my car when faced with an emergency situation. Having the proper items packed in my trunk, could make the difference between survival and failure.

One of the most comprehensive car prepping lists I’ve found is over at Modern Survival Blog.

They suggest you stock your vehicle with:

An emergency kit consisting of:

– roll of TP, in a Ziploc bag
– hand towel
– LifeStraw water filter
– Camelbak UV water purifier
– First Aid Kit (DIY in Ziploc bag)
– Mylar Emergency Blanket (2)
– Chainmate pocket chainsaw
– Bandanna
– Paracord (about 20′)
– Compass
– Whistle
– P51 Shelby Can Opener
– Knife (Cold Steel Recon 1)
– Flashlight
– Fire-starter Kit in Ziploc bag which includes:
—— BIC lighters (2)
—— Waterproof matches
—— Magnesium firestarter tool
—— Magnifying glass
—— Votive candle
—— Cotton balls smushed with Vaseline (a few)
—— Kindling fire stick (several inches)

Food for 72 hours

Seasonal clothing

Other items:

– First Aid Kit general kit, iOSAT, pain relievers, QuikClot
– Stainless Steel drinking water bottles (80% filled)
– During non-winter months, I keep more water onboard
– Another Knife (fixed blade, full tang)
– Winter Hats, Winter Gloves
– Work gloves
– 2-way radios (GMRS/FRS)
– handheld CB radio
– Flashlight (larger than the backpack light)
– Quality Rain Poncho (2)
– Fleece Blanket (2)
– Tarp (a few)
– Rope
– Road Atlas of my state and surrounding states
– National Road Atlas
– ‘the Next Exit’ (excellent traveling resource)
– Pen, Pencil, and Paper (small notepad)
– Phone charger

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Photo by State Farm licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.