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Prepping With Kids


Prepping With Kids

If you’re a parent (like me) you want the best for your children, you want them to be happy and healthy, but most importantly you want them to be safe.

Prepping when you have kids presents unique challenges. Survival planning for adults is difficult enough, but throw a baby or pre-teen into the mix, and now you’ve got some things to figure out.

The Prepper Journal has a solid article touching on some important points on the topic. You’ll want to read the entire thing, but here’s a brief excerpt:

Your level of preparedness will determine a lot about how to prepare stuff for your children. I am going to base most of this off of my plans which are to bug in. However, I will offer some input on bugging out with kids. We plan on a three-month bug in. That is three solid months of not going outside. This obviously depends on planting seasons and the threats in our area. My boys like being active so this plan presents a multitude of problems. Here is a list of simple things I have gathered for a two and ten-year old to occupy their time.

– A stack of coloring , word search, maze and other entertainment books.
– Three boxes of crayons.
– Two boxes of colored pencils.
– A case of blank, white paper.
– Several spiral notebooks.
– At least ten different board games.
– Playing cards and other card games.

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Photo by Virginia State Parks licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.