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Prepping For An EMP – How Does Your List Compare To Ours?


Prepping For EMP

Few emergency situations have the potential for as much widespread devastation as the detonation of an EMP (electromagnetic device) near one of our large population centers.

The impact such an event would have on individual electronic items, as well as the electrical grid as a whole, are hard to imagine.

With experts estimating that an EMP attack could take down the grid for up to two years, prepping for an EMP presents on of our greatest challenges.

Over at Survivopedia, they have a fairly comprehensive article dealing with this topic. While we don’t consider their list to include everything you may need to survive an EMP, it’s a very good start.

Their list includes:

  • Passive heating
  • Stockpiling food
  • Cooking without electricity
  • Refrigeration and keeping cool
  • Obtaining suitable water
  • Vehicles
  • Managing sewage and waste
  • Personal safety
  • Navigation and communication

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Photo by qqqqqq47 licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.