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Paracord Bracelet


Every Prepper Needs This One Tool…

Do You Have It?

If the SHTF right now, would you be ready?

At work? In your car? On the bus? At the gym?

The truth is, the world can go to crap any minute – without any notice.

To make sure you’re ready, we’ve got the one tool you ALWAYS need to carry – at a great price (with FREE shipping)!

It’s our Survival Master Paracord Bracelet and it’s flat-out AMAZING!

This incredibly useful tool packs:

  • Over 10 feet of military-grade paracord (tons of survival uses)
  • Rugged flint fire-starter
  • Multi-purpose wrench
  • Navigation compass
  • And more!

All wrapped up in a professional and stylish bracelet that you’ll be proud to wear anywhere!

And the best part is – we’re practically giving them away!

Today, you can get your own Survival Master Paracord Bracelet for just $19 (with free shipping)!
[Strict limit of 5 per person – sorry.]

At this price, you’ll want to pick up a few and give them to the people in your life you care about!
[Strict limit of 5 per person.]