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New California Law Allows Seizure Of Legal Guns!


California Law Seize Guns

While we ring in the new year, our friends in California have a new law on the books allowing state authorities to seize an individual’s guns if “a law enforcement officer asserts and a judicial officer finds that there is reasonable cause to believe that the subject of the petition poses an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself, or another…”

So, basically, a person’s Second Amendment rights can be infringed without being convicted (or even charged) with committing a crime.

All it takes is for someone (maybe an ex-spouse with a grudge?) to make a complaint and convince a judge that an individual is some kind of threat, and the government can confiscate his/her legally purchased firearms. The initial term of the seizure is 21 days, but can be lengthened based on follow-up hearings.

While we fully support keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and those that are legitimately judged to be mentally ill, this law (like most others) will likely do nothing to prevent gun violence and only serve to infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

You can find the complete text of the law here. We encourage you to pay attention to this one, because what starts in California usually spreads through the rest of the country!

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