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Navy Seal Says This Is The One Item You ALWAYS Need To Carry!


Navy Seal Tactical Flashlight

Former Navy SEAL, Brandon Webb believes everyone should carry a high-powered, easily concealed, tactical flashlight with them at all times.

Compared to carrying a concealed firearm, he says:

For most of you, the best bet is to buy a good tactical flashlight, there are plenty on the market. Specs: At least 200+ lumens, waterproof, LED, and a 3volt lithium battery. Use and carry your light with you at all times. It’s the best non-lethal and practical option available, in my opinion. You can take it anywhere – including on an airplane – and if it’s a high lumen model it will blind people in broad daylight. I can’t recommend this purchase enough.

Flashlight anyone? I have one for daily carry and take it everywhere with me. It’s become another extension of me and has diffused at least two potentially violent confrontations in a non-lethal way.

Webb explains how he would use his tactical flashlight in an active shooter situation:

I would have pulled my high lumens pocket flashlight and blinded this guy. The high powered beam would have taken away his vision for 3-4 seconds, which is an eternity and enough time to flight or fight. There’s also no shame in surviving and getting you and your loved ones out of harm – especially little ones. Be a Hero to your kids and family for surviving, nobody can expect more of you than that. Like we say in Survival Escape Evasion Resistance (SERE) school, “Survive with Honor.”

Here’s the one he recommends at Amazon. It’s a little pricey at $140, but that’s a bargain when you consider it may save your life.

You can read the full story (including video) over at Sofrep.

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