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Is This The Best Tactical Flashlight of 2015?


In the word of tactical flashlights, Fenix, is a legendary name. They are unquestionably the leading outdoor sports lighting brand and a leader in user-oriented innovation, providing lighting tools for outdoor enthusiasts with excellent craftsmanship. Today, Fenix products have been sold to more than 100 countries around the globe.

Having spent some time with their PD Series, we are consistently impressed with their quality, power, and affordability – all characteristics that make for a preferred tactical light.

Whether for emergencies, camping, or simply keeping around the home, it’s important to have a flashlight that will carry you the distance. When SHTF, a flashlight can quickly turn from a tool to your best friend!

Our pick for the best tactical flashlight of 2015 is the Fenix PD Series 960 Lumens Flashlight.

This portable light is compact and throws roaring luminosity. It also has a number of exceptional features that makes it a top performer within the Fenix line.

From its aircraft-grade coating to a low-voltage detector, Fenix PD Series Handheld Light ensures that power is what you will receive when maneuvering throughout even the darkest of areas.

It’s perfect for a multitude of purposes whenever light is needed. You can be assured that you will get ultimate illumination from Fenix PD Series 6-Output Flashlight.

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Photo by Program Executive Office Soldier is licensed under CC BY 2.0