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How To Barricade A Door With Your Belt During A Shooting



If one thing’s apparent in this day and age, it is that a mass shooting situation can occur anywhere…

Whether you’re at work, school, your apartment, home, a restaurant, church, or anywhere else it’s imperative to maintain awareness of your surroundings and have a plan ready in the case of a rouge shooter or terrorist.

The first thing to do in a shooter situation is to locate an exit. If no exit exists, one of your next best options to protect yourself is to put a barrier between you and any would-be shooters. Most shooters attack the easiest targets first. Taking cover behind common barriers, like a door, can give you a significant advantage and buy you valuable time – time that could save your life!

If you cannot find anything to barricade the door with, a belt will suffice.

Safety expert Bill Stanton tells how:

“Take a belt and tighten it on the hinge. They are not going to get through because it is not going to open.”

If the gunman goes get through the door, Stanton recommends fighting back using any means necessary – such as using a fire extinguisher or pair of office scissors.

“A fire extinguisher can create a fog to anyone chasing and make the floor slippery. Toss it and then run,” Stanton said. His advice with the scissors is to aim right for the eye.” says Stanton.