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Europe Is Committing Suicide. Is America Next?


European Suicide - Is America Next?Nothing is sadder than watching a good friend or family member head down a path of self-destruction and not being able to do anything about it.

That feeling of utter helplessness is something I hope you’ve never experienced. If you have, you have my sympathies.

Our good friends in Europe are headed down a very destructive path. And, there seems to be very little anyone can do to help them.

The twin trends of plummeting native birth rates and the importation of thousands of immigrants who don’t share a desire to assimilate into their new homes, are destroying European Culture.

Plummeting Native European Birth Rates

Europeans are not having enough children to replace themselves.

Many reasons for this drop in births have been suggested (such as the major erosion of traditional Judeo-Christian values), but regardless of the cause, the situation is clear. As stated recently in the Irish Times (emphasis is mine):

European civilisation is dying. It is dying in plain sight and almost nobody is talking about it. No, our civilisation is not succumbing to onslaught from an external foe. But we seem to be suffering from a pernicious anaemia of the spirit that drags us down from inside. There are many symptoms of this decline but the most deadly is that we are losing the will to breed. Birth rates in all 28 EU countries are now below replacement rates and all indigenous populations are in decline.”

The math of replacement birth rates is simple. Two parents need to have about two kids to replace themselves. (The number is closer to 2.1 when taking into account infant mortality.)

This chart compares the birthrates of five of the largest countries in Europe in 1960 vs. 2014.

European Birthrate Chart

The trend is clear in these five countries, and in the European Union as a whole – birthrates have dramatically plummeted and will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future.

And, it’s not just Europe that’s failing to replace its population. The entire first world has seen falling birthrates, while the developing world continues to grow.

This United Nations chart shows 2012 birthrates by region. As you can see, Europe is barely growing, the United States is growing at less-than one percent, while Africa’s population growth is twelve times the European’s!

World Birthrate Chart

(Chart courtesy of The Telegraph.)

Given Europe’s substantial welfare state, a population that’s not growing quickly enough (or worse yet declining) can be a real problem. After all, who’s going to pay for all those government “freebies” for an aging populace if there are fewer young people around to carry the load?

Europe’s “Solution” – Mass Immigration

Europe’s solution to their demographics problem has been to open their floodgates to immigrants.

While the math of this move may make sense – if you’re not making enough of your own people, invite some others in – the real-life results have been a problem.

Immigration can be a great thing for a country. Hard workers who move in to make a better life for their families can drive increased economic prosperity. The United States is a great example of what proper immigration can do to build a nation. When immigrants assimilate into their new country’s culture and customs, they can make their new country better than what it was before.

However, many of Europe’s recent immigrants have no intention of adopting European culture. On the contrary, rather than assimilate and join their new countrymen, many wish to force their culture and customs onto their new hosts.

So-called “No Go” zones are well-known in several European countries. They’re given this name because the police generally don’t go into these Muslim-dominated parts of the country.

The wife of a British clergyman shared her recent experience with National Review

She explained how the neighborhood in which she’d lived for four years had become a “police no-go zone,” in which the large number of newly arrived Somali immigrants now approached that of Pakistanis already resident. Then she recalled her husband’s encounter with an immigrant who had just arrived from Belgium — on an EU passport, like an increasing number of Muslims these days. The migrant was surprised when the clergyman asked why he had chosen to move into their neighborhood. Finally, he replied, “Everybody knows. Birmingham—best place in Europe to be pure Muslim.

As she thought later:

Well, there must be many places in Europe where Muslims are entirely free to practice their faith, but I suspect there are few places in which they can have so little contact with the civic and legal structure of a Western state if they choose. To a London reader, born and bred with multiculturalism, I know that my stories may come across as outlandish and exaggerated. . . . When I recently told a friend how a large Taliban flag fluttered gaily on a house near St Andrew’s football stadium for some months, her cry of “Can’t you tell the police?” made me reflect how far many of our inner cities have been abandoned by our key workers: our doctors and nurses drive in from afar, the police, as mentioned before, have shut down their stations and never venture in unless in extremis — they and ambulance crews have been known to be attacked — even the local imam lives in a leafier area.

No doubt, mistakes are easier to see in others than in ourselves, so it’s no surprise that most Europeans don’t see how this story ends.

Is America Next?

It may be too late for Europe. At this point, it would take a mass awakening of the European populace followed by decisive action – neither of which is likely.

In the U.S., we’re not in the same situation as Europe, but there are many who would like to take us in the same direction.

These people don’t believe in the shared American values that have made this country great – liberty, independence and personal responsibility.

Instead, they believe that multi-culturalism and diversity are the most important values and that every culture and belief is as valid as any other.

Their blind eye to the destructive outcomes of open borders, unregulated immigration and the loss of the understanding of right and wrong,

If these people are allowed to do to us, what their European counterparts have done, it will only be a matter of time before we’re in the very same situation.

As always – keep on prepping, brothers and sisters!

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