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Do You Know Your State’s Knife Carry Laws?


Knife Carry Laws

A good knife can be one of your best friends – a trusty tool to help with countless projects as well a handy self-defense weapon if things go south.

However, the laws about what type, and size, knife you can legally carry varies by state – and to make things even more complicated – can also vary by city and county. Staying up-to-date on the latest government attempts to regulate our lives can be a full-time job!

Since I have a severe addiction to buying most every knife I see (is being a knife-aholic an actual thing?) and I also have a distaste of going to jail, I frequently consult my favorite resource to stay current with the knife carry regulations where I live – Knife Up. They’ve got a great, interactive map that allows you to drill quickly down to your locale and determine exactly what you can legally carry.

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Photo by Jim Wrigley licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.