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The Book of Camping and Woodcraft – Free Download!

We’ve got a real treat for you – a free download of one of the most famous wilderness survival guides ever written – The Book of Camping and Woodcraft!

The Book of Camping and Woodcraft

This classic was published in 1906 by the famous outdoorsman, Horace Kephart, who gave up his quiet life as a librarian to live as an adventurer in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Horace Kephart

(100% free as a thank you for being part of our community!)

The Book of Camping and Woodcraft is 350 pages of timeless wisdom that’s just as valuable today as it was more-than 100 years ago (and you’ll love the old photos)!

Horace Kephart Proud Moment

If you’re serious about prepping and survival, you need this guide!

Take a look at the chapter list (it’s basically a how-to manual for learning to man-up and keep your #^%* together in the wilderness):

    I. Outfitting
    II. The Sportsman’s Clothing
    III. Personal Kits
    IV. Tents and Tools
    V. Utensils and Food
    VI. A Checklist – Packing Up
    VII. The Camp
    VIII. The Campfire
    IX. Marksmanship in the Woods
    X. Dressing and Keeping Game and Fish
    XI. Camp Cookery
    XII. Pests of the Woods
    XIII. Forest Travel – Keeping a Course
    XIV. Blazes – Survey Lines – Natural Signs
    XV. Getting Lost – Bivouacs
    XVI. Emergency Foods – Living Off the Country
    XVII. Edible Plants of the Wilderness
    XVIII. Axemanship – Qualities of Wood and Bark
    XIX. Trophies, Bucksin and Rawhide
    XX. Tanning Pelts – Other Animal Products
    XXI. Accidents – Their Backwoods Treatment

This ebook is in pdf format so you can read it on any of your devices – phone, tablet or computer.

(Remember, this is 100% free and just another way to say “Thank You!” for being part of our community.)

Just click one of the download buttons or this link here to immediately get this classic. (It may take a few seconds to download.)

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