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9 Bizarre Uses for Banana Peels


I’ve never met someone who didn’t like bananas…

And I’m not sure that I’d want to meet someone who didn’t like bananas…

Bananas are little yellow gifts from heaven, sent down by the angels to remind us of God’s love for his children.

Those mushy, sweet, herbaceous flowers are not only a rich source of vitamin b6, vitamin C, manganese, and fiber, but their peels have some INCREDIBLE uses that you are probably unaware of!

So, the next time you’re enjoying a banana, here are nine bizarre, but practical, uses for banana peels to consider before throwing them in the trash:

#1 Sooth Bug Bites

Rub a banana peel on a bug bite to soothe the irritation and itchy feeling.

#2 Warts

Bananas have been used forever to help eliminate warts and prevent their return. Tear off a small piece of banana peel and tape it over the wart for about a week. Repeat if the wart is not gone after the first attempt.

#3 Scrape & Scratch Healing

To promote quicker healing of a sooth a cut or scratch, simply rub a banana peel over the affected area.

#4 Splinters

Here is something truly bizarre: enzymes within banana peels can help dislodge splinters! Tape a piece of peel over the splinter and let the peel begin to work its magic overnight.

#5 Rashes & Poison Ivy

Hopefully, you never have to experience the torture of a poison ivy rash, but if you do, try rubbing a banana peel over the rash to dull the itch.

#6 Wrinkle & Skin Heath

Banana peels have been used as beauty products for centuries. Their natural vitamins and minerals have restorative properties that can be found in many other, over-the-counter skin ointments.

#7 Leather Polish

Rub a banana peel on leather items, like a jacket, furniture, shoes, or boots – then use a cloth to buff it out!

#8 Fertilizer

Grind up your dry banana peels and use them as mulch for new plants or seeds. The potassium in the peels can do wonders for your garden!

#9 Headaches

Applying a banana peel across your forehead if you have a headache has been shown to relieve headaches in some individuals. The Mayo Clinic explains that the banana’s potassium is absorbed by your skin which helps relieve the pain.

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