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30 Genius Uses For Tin Foil!


Tin Foil Uses

Cheap and shiny – what’s not to love about tin foil?!

We’re all about finding ways to maximize the survival value of everyday items. Recently, we’ve written about duct tape, coffee filters, dental floss – even toilet paper!

Now, we’re going to add aluminum foil to the list of cheap, easy-to-store, versatile items every prepper should include in their survival plans.

To compile our tin foil survival list, we turned to You can read the entire article here, but these are a few of our favorites:

Campsite cooking utensils. The next time you’re camping, you can lug around an entire kitchen set, or you can take a light roll of aluminum foil and fashion your own utensils and pans.

Make a sun box. My apartment faces west, so the sad herbs in my balcony garden all reach out towards the setting sun instead of straight up. Rather than just rotate them every couple of days, I use a sun box (aluminum foil in a shoebox corner) to reflect the sun back into my plants.

Scrubber: Ball up some aluminum foil and use it to scrub off the nasty, stuck-on messes that get left behind on your non-non-stick pots and pans.

Sharpen scissors: There’s nothing quite like the smooth, straight cut from a sharp pair of scissors. After a while, though, the cutting edge of your scissors may become dull. Rather than buy a new pair, why not just use a few pieces of aluminum foil to sharpen those shears?

Fix loose batteries: Sometimes the springs that hold batteries in place loose their springiness. With their springiness compromised, battery-powered devices might not work at all, or only work if you hold them in a certain position. With a folded up piece of aluminum foil, you can force those batteries back into place.

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Photo by Heather Hopkins licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.