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25 Genius Survival Uses For Dental Floss!


Dental Floss Survival

Sometimes the most common, everyday items can be the most useful. We suggest you include dental floss on your list of must-have (and cheap) survival items!

Dental floss has got to be one of the most common household items in existence – cheap, easy to find, compact to store and useful for a ton of applications.

We turned to HappyPreppers for their list of 25 survival uses for floss. We suggest you read their entire article, but here’s a few items from their list to get you started:

– Fishing gear.
– Fire starting.
– Snare making.
– Lashing a knife.
– Shelter rigging,
– and 20 more!

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Photo by G M Yogma licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. The original photo was modified.