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20 Essential Food Items To Bring Camping Everytime


When planning a camping trip, your #1 goal concerning edibles is to carry food with no water. Water can add considerable weight and too much of it can easily cause you to become over encumbered. Water can usually be found either at your camp site or nearby so it’s usually not worth bringing in your backpack anyhow.

Here are 20 essential food items that you should bring on your next camping trip:

For Breakfast:

    • oatmeal + dried fruit
    • pop tarts
    • hard boiled eggs
    • dehydrated eggs + hash browns
    • Starbucks Via coffee
    • Snacks
    • trail mix
    • power bars
    • beef/turkey/chicken jerky
    • Gatorade powder

For Lunch:

    • PB&J + Nutella on sammy or bagels
    • Tuna or Chicken packets + tortilllas
    • Summer Sausage + Cheese (baby bell or hard cheeses pack well)

For Dinner:

    • Pasta Sides + spam
    • Salmon packets + couscous
    • Instant potatoes
    • Ramen
    • Packit Gourmet instant meals

For Desert:

    • Tea
    • Chocolate
    • Bourbon