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You Might Be A Prepper If…


You Might Be A Prepper

With everything going on in the world, sometimes you just need to laugh so you don’t cry.

So, to help bring a little humor into your day, we share (from 10 reasons you might be a prepper if…

1. Your Christmas stockings are stuffed with ammo, batteries and MRE’s. And on top of that, your stockings are not stockings at all…they’re fanny packs.

2. You see the Shriner’s at a parade and think to yourself…Hmmm? Is this just the Freemasons trying to distract us from the real threat, the Illuminati? And what’s up with the little cars?

3. You look at every animal you see and say “I wonder what that would taste like?” You have even looked at your family pet and thought “hmm, How bad would it have to get before…?” and then you subconsciously feed them a little extra. Don’t lie, you’ve thought about it.

4. All of the clerk’s at Sams Club and Costco know you by name, and asks you “how many carts will you be needing today? and you say “one for toilet paper, one for canned foods and one more for whatever I see on sale.”

5. You have more toilet paper stockpiled in you home than your local drug store has on their shelves.

6. You secretly want the power to go out so you can test your new generator and rotate your stock of batteries.

7. You look at every empty nook and cranny in your home as “wasted space” This includes the inside of your walls and doors.

8. You can’t even go for a walk without looking for bug out routes and good places to hide your cache. As you walk by your neighbor and say “hello” you mumble under your breath “you are so hosed”

9. You always say “what else can I use that for?” before you throw something out. As a result your backyard looks like a junkyard.

10. You don’t like to pull weeds because it’s like throwing away food. And as you bring a bushel of dandelions to the kitchen your kids give you “that look.

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Photo by m01229 licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.