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Why Are The EPA And FDA Stocking Up On Body Armor?



Since 2006, administrative agencies – including the EPA and the EFA – have spent an excess of $71 million stocking up on items like body armor, shields, riot helmets, cannon launchers and police firearms and ammunition.

How can these agencies possibly justify such purchases?

Specific examples include:

  • $300,000+ spent by the FDA on ballistic vests and carriers in 2014.
  • $200,000+ spent by the EPA on body armor spent during the Obama administration years which was $170,000 more than the 3 previous years.
  • $28,000+ spent by the Smithsonian Institution on body armor, supposedly for their zoo police and security officers

Do these agencies know something that we don’t or is this just another example of¬†federal law enforcement agencies run amok?

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