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See What Happens When Man Hacks His Glock 19 to Shoot Fully Automatic


The Glock 19 is without a doubt, one of America’s favorite weapons when it comes to personal and professional defense. Extremely reliable, functional appearance, perfectly concealable, and equipped with numerous safety features, the Glock 19 has built quite a reputation amongst survivalists as well.

One of the biggest hang-ups however, might be that the G19 is only 9mm – a major problem for those who prefer a bit heavier firepower.

So, how do you best make up for this lack of stopping power?

This man’s solution was to turn his Glock 19 into a fully automatic killing machine capable of unloading magazines within seconds.

Practical or not…We’ll let you decide:

Goat” by WolfmanBlacque is licensed under CC BY 2.0