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How To Start A Fire With Wet Wood in 5 Easy Steps


So, you’ve just set up your shelter, cooking area, and identified a perfect tree to string your bear line. Now all that is left to do is build a fire and your camp is set.

When all of a sudden…

KA-BOOM! A loud crash of thunder signals to start of a thunderstorm, bringing with it relentless, torrential rain. A situation such as this can happen to anyone living in the wilderness and can spell absolute DISASTER for you if you’re unprepared to deal with it.

Wet wood or branches are almost impossible to light Here are 5 easy steps that you can start a fire with wet wood:

Step #1

Gather as much kindling as you can, looking for dead wood that is about as wide as your finger or less. Pine wood usually makes an excellent fire starter because its sap is flammable after it is heated even when it is moist.

Step #2

Using a sharp knife or hatchet, strip away as much of the wet bark and wood as possible.

Step #3

Large pieces of wood have a greater chance of containing drier inner layers. Use a hatchet to split and expose the inner layers. Keep an eye out for dead trees that you can easily push over and split for larger amounts of wood to burn once you get your fire burning.

Step #4

Start a small fire at first using the kindling and build from there.

Step #5

Once you have a small fire burning you can us it to heat and dry the larger pieces of wood. Your fire will probably put off a lot of steam/smoke at first but that should subside after several minutes.