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How To Build A Knife At Home With Basic Tools


If you have the time and the resources, knife making can prove be an incredibly rewarding hobby. Not only do homemade knifes provide assured quality, they can be customized to fit your specific needs.

We wanted to share with you the steps to building your own knife, as well as an excellent institutional video so that you can see each step in action.

First, here are the basic steps to building a knife:

Step #1: Prepare your knife pattern.

Step #2: Transfer the design to metal stock using chalk or marker.

Step #3: Follow the outline of your blade with hammer and chisel OR saw.

Step #4: Pop out the blade from the template.

Step #5: File blade into desired shape.

Step #6: Begin the handle by forming two pieces of wood on fit each side of the blade (scales).

Step #7: Clean and polish the end of the blade that will secure to the handle.

Step #8: Set up blade for your rivets – at least 3 rivets.

Step #9: Attach your scales to your knife.

Step #10: Pein your rivets to make them flush with the handle.

Step #11: Shape and sand the handle.

Step #12: Sharpen your blade.

Second, here is a great step-by-step video on how to build your very own knife at home:


Photos provided by Adam Meek and Didriks