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Can You Correctly Identify These Animal Tracks?



Animal tracking is a past-time that goes all the way back to our prehistoric brothers and sisters.

The practice of tracking usually focuses on the patterns and systems of animal life. Good trackers are able to recognize and follow animals through their tracks, scat, feathers, kills, scratching posts, trails, drag marks, sounds, scents, marking posts, the behavior of other animals, habitat cues, and any other clues about the identity and whereabouts of the particular animal.

Through these, a skilled tracker is able to discern these clues, recreate what transpired on the landscape, and make predictions about the animal.

Early hunters used tracking to gather food and it remains a very useful skill today.

How skilled are you at identifying common animal tracks? Check out these two images, courtesy of, to find out how skilled you really are:

Image #1

Image #2



Photo provided from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center